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Website not working in many different ways



I'm currently trying to setup the website I added an index.html file in the root\httpdocs folder. Upon viewing the website I get multiple errors like:

  • This domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy
  • The URL automatically changes to a subdomain: like:  (With the same errors)
  • A blank page appears with a message saying no content is available
  • A blank page shows up without any content.

I tried multiple things like:

  1. Changing DNS Servers to a custom and back to standard
  2. Flushing my DNS
  3. Deleting my browser history, cache and cookies.


Nothing works. Does anyone have a solution.

Super User 2020



What hosting are you using?  Your domain is showing GD nameservers. 

When I go to the site I get:


You do not have permission to access this document.

Web Server at
Could the index file not be in the proper location for your hosting platform?   What is concerning is the fact you note the URL changes with additional characters.  So I ran a malware scan and couldn't do that successfully due to http errors:
"Website Errors     Detected     Critical     Contact your Hosting Provider"
So I would contact GD support and find out what's up.
HTH! 😉
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