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Wildcard conflicts to specific subdomain


I've a domain set pointing to an IP, I also set wildcard for all sub domains point to the same that IP.

I have other specific domain, I set CNAME for this sub point to another place but it still points to There is any way to do that?


Here is my detail DNS configuration:

A record

@ -> IP.x.x.x



* -> @ ->


Thanks too much.


Hi @Tina_13.

I suggest setting the wildcard as an A Record. This would eliminate any potential CNAME conflicts.

I'd set it so it looks like this:


A record

@ -> IP.x.x.x

* -> IP.x.x.x





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Thanks for your response. Yeh, I set it but it does not work also 😞

Could be a DNS Propagation issue. It can take up to 48 hours to propagate the DNS changes. I would recommend using NSLOOKUP to see if the Nameserver is providing the correct IP.


nslookup <nameserver for your domain>

nslookup <IP of your nameserver> 

if your nameserver is providing the correct IP for the other hosting company then you will need t owait for propagation to complete.


My Nameservers are hosted with Cloudflare and should work if using Godaddy Nameservers.

I have an A record setup as follows

Type            Name                     Value

A                 *(Wildcard)              Godaddy IP


This allows any subdomain to point back to my server and then I can set other Subdomains to point to other IP's and this works without conflict.

The problem is that our websites hosted in the same IP (we are using wpengine to hosting)


@ -> IP.x.x.x

* -> IP.x.x.x


CNAME -> (but this cname has the same IP above, different folder) is still redirected to

The issue is with wpengine if Both are pointing to the same IP. 

I would recommend setting up an A record for and point it to the IP for wpengine hosting.


On the wpengine hosting side you will need to configure the subdomain to point to the folder for the second site.


I use Apache for my site on godaddy cloud server. when setting up a new subdomain I need to configure apache to point the subdomain to the correct folder. If not configured then apache sends the request to the main configured site.

Ex. does not exist in DNS or apache config. points to my cloud sever and apache is configured for that site.

Both pages goes to the same site and same folder due to lack of configuration.


For your site you will need an A Record pointing to your hosting IP and have your hosting configured to point request to to the folder setup for that subdomain.