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goDaddy SSL certificate on 123 reg hosting

Hi, I purchased SSL from goDaddy but dont know how to intergrate it to my 123 reg domain.

I spoke to support in 123 and told me they do not accept third party ssl, is this true?

Helper V

Many providers do not accept 3rd Party SSL Certificates due to security risks on their servers. Also a shared hosting will be more risky. So it's true. However Godaddy Accept's 3rd Party SSL, but you must confirm it once before purchasing.

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Hi ayaslem,

As i contacted to 123 reg support team and told them if i purchase an domain from you and purchase an SSL certificate from another CA like GoDaddy, are you accept this certificate? then after a few minutes confirmed with their team, he told me No, we can't accept it. 


So, i think it's a true. Also, a such providers doesn't accept a third party SSL, you can purchase an SSL from their providers only.