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nameservers are not updating

i am trying to change the nameservers for one of my websites, but every time i click save, the page goes blank and nothing happens.

the nameservers stay the same.

i checked the developer settings and i get an error in javascript code "TypeError: can't convert undefined to object" .

i tried differen browsers, different platfrom , removed adblockers , changed the privacy settings to minimum on the browser but nothing changed.


can you help .



Re: nameservers are not updating

Hi @fawzy,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to get your issue with the nameserver change worked out? There could be several reasons why you were having problems.


The first may be the browser itself. Please cleat your cache and try taking these steps in a private/Incognito browsing window. 


You may also not be entering valid nameservers for the domain itself. Certain CCTLDs require preregistering the nameservers or using specific ones on the domain. If you have a Country-Code domain, you can place "About .XYZ domains" (replacing "XYZ" with your actual country code) in the search field of our help section to get more information on nameserver requirements.



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Re: nameservers are not updating

How to remove old name servers and how to add new name server. I create a new godaddy account i don't know how to add and remove. this is my domain: