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Getting Started

ridirect to www.www.

any time i type its ridirect to i need help 

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Type where? Browser? 

You have probably in making a CNAME added the full instead of just 'www' so now it's saying 


Let me know your domain name and I will take a look later when not busy. that my domain name 


how do i remove it please 

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Hi @adeseg99,


in your account go to 'products', look up your domain, click 'DNS', check your CNAME records. One should be WWW. 

If you are unsure, don't touch anything but give support a quick call or me a shout. 

non of the cname is www, so which one will i change 

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Hi @adeseg99,


leave it with me, it is now 10:30 UK 🇬🇧 time.....

i will get back to you today. 

ok tanks am in nigeria 

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Ah @adeseg99,


i think we we may have the same time zone almost 😀

That makes things easier 😀

yes so csn u inbox me how to go about it