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Switching email plans

Hi, I have an email plan included with my domain which is unused and another Email plan that includes 5 email addresses. I would like to switch one of my current accounts to the 'free' email that is included with my domain. When I do this, does all my data stay intact? I don't lose all my past email messages do I?

Also, am I able to use email forwarding on the 'free' email plan included with my domain?

Community Manager

Hi @heaston,

Sounds like you have a lot of questions around switching email plans. Hope that you've been able to figure this out but if not, here's some great info on how to switch your plans. It would be great if you would come back and share what you decided and how things went. This is super helpful for other GoDaddy community members to see in the future if they are looking to do the same thing. Take care and thanks!


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