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    website not searchable


      I did a website to get employers looking at me to get a a job.  I did have some lady called saying google is removing my site because it is not searchable.  How do I make it searchable?  Also,, the other issues It not a business page and calls about my business make making my page stick out to the business. How do I stop this calls they happen every couple hours a day.

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    Re: website not searchable


    I hate to say this, but it could be that the person calling you was trying to sell you search engine optimization services. Sometimes they use this as a scare tactic, to make people worry that Google will remove their site. This isn't true.

    Can you tell us the site? Maybe if one of us looks at it, we can see if there really is a problem or reason Google would block it -- but I doubt that's the case.


    Unfortunately, sales people will often contact domain owners just to try to sell them SEO or design services. If your domain is public, they can look up your information (or of course if it's on the site, they can find it). There's not much you can do about it if it's on the site. If they are only getting it by looking at the domain registration, you can pay for Privacy on the domain. 



    Re: website not searchable

    Have you added your website in Googles Search Console AKA Webmaters Tools? https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home