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All domains (incl. subdomains) throwing 503 error on Plesk sites



All of my websites including subdomains is throwing 503 error for the last 18 hours. Have had lengthy discussions with Godaddy tech support but they say that its all good from their end and some issue with my application. 


All sites were working perfectly fine and all of a sudden stopped working. There was no code change/config change done by me. The website loads perfectly fine on localhost with the same settings. 


Disabled SSL check to rule out the possibility of a certificate issue.


Website :




Any help will be much appreciated. 




hello, I tried checking your website, for now it looks like it is working.


If you are getting 503, try checking SQL server connection string or your application may have crashed [check the event viewer and see if you can find event logs in your Application/System log]

503 may occur if your websites crashes frequently.



Hi @shankarnarang,


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A 503 error on a Plesk plan almost always indicates a stopped application pool. You'll need to contact GoDaddy customer support so the Hosting Team can review the issue and get you back online. You can reach them at the most convenient number to you in the link below. 



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