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Fake PayPal GoDaddy Invoices

Hi! Just wanted to post here that there are fake PayPal Domain Invoices happening. They include GoDaddy logo and expiring domain names. PayPal doesn't seem to want to stop the fraud from happening. Their answer was to block the accounts defrauding people to stop getting invoices. Each invoice was from a different PayPal account.
Super User 2020

Super User 2020

I've received the same emails.  I recently renewed four domains and received four separate fake $61 Paypal/GoDaddy invoices.

I am glad to have researched this.

I also received an invoice from , ,ULDP3Y3RY, to pay for my domain that is on auto-renew. December 13th, 2019 for $49.00

I just received same email invoices for two of my domains.  I thought they were from godaddy because they look very authentic but found out they are a scam!

I also received an invoice in my email this morning (2/4/2020) for $62. I've cancelled all my GoDaddy services and don't have any of their products at the moment. 

The invoice came from "Елена Уколова" I cancelled the invoice. I hope people aren't just paying these things without looking into it. I'm sure GoDaddy can just draft your account anyways. There's no need for them to send an invoice. GoDaddy and PayPal need to get ontop of this. And GoDaddy needs to invest in always having a chat service available. Calling was the only way to get customer service when I tried this morning. I can't call as I'm currently at work. 

Here's is what the email looked like.





fake godaddy invoice.jpg



Hi @waterfireprov @OceanSlim. I'm sorry you've received these. While it's definitely not something we want to happen, there isn't always a way for us to stop it. Anyone with an email address can send a phishing message. The best thing to do is to report the email on our Abuse form (as @Nate mentioned above). Please choose the Phishing option and provide the required information. This gives our security team the best chance of investigating the issue and reaching out to the providers that are facilitating the mail. Thanks!


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