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Cannot run backup of website on local host using WAMP.

Hello all.


I downloaded a backup copy of my website from GoDaddy.  I imported it into a website that I maintain locally (on my PC).  I imported the SQL database and changed the site and home URL and all occurrences of the online website to my local URL (localhost/[website].  However, I cannot seem to get it up and running.  I keep getting the error that the page isn't redirecting properly.  Any suggestions on how to run a backup copy of an online site locally using the backup file?

Community Manager

Hi @bhgbutler. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that it has to do with what's in your site's .htaccess file. I'm not sure how that would need to be modified, but that's where I'd look first. Simply disabling it (by renaming it) should be enough to test to see if that's where the issue is. Hope that helps. 


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