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Cannot update plugins or upload new plugins on Wordpress

A few weeks ago I updated my php on Go Daddy because a certain plugin required I do so. Since then, my site is a nightmare. I now cannot update or upload any plugins. Has anyone had this problem and successfully resolve it? This is the error I receive:
Update Failed: Download failed. cURL error 77: error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /home/content/... etc

Getting Started

Hi  @cotto,


Check your path to your certificate if set incorrectly in my php.ini file.

Can you log in your website through FTP? If yes check there if there is any php.ini file, and check if it is the right path.

There is also a possibility your server has an older version of cURL. You will check that with godaddy support...

Hi Stefanowpcom,
You are so kind to respond and I am grateful.
I am an Art Director with ZERO technical skills. I am a fish out of water. I don't even know how or what it means to log into my website through FTP. Is that through GoDaddy?
What I do know is when I updated my php to an updated version on GoDaddy, everything got messed up. They told me I cannot go back to the old version. I'm so disappointed in GoDaddy. They will charge me $75 for help in WP. Money is beyond tight right now, hence reaching out to this forum. If you can tell me exactly what I need to do, I can try it. If you have the patience. Sorry... and thank you!

Hi @cotto


I think is quite technical the solution, and most probably, I think you will need some help.


You should log in to your Managed WordPress panel on GoDaddy, and locate the FTP service, you will need an FTP program or you can do that through the file manager of your hosting panel.

Here are some general details about how to connect to FTP (or SFTP)


Cotto let me ask you, did you installed any SSL your site before? or it is a pure clean installation?


Also, there isn't any option to revert back to php5 (last edition you had in your WP?) in case you have an older backup of the site also, that could be the best solution...


Kind regards

Stefano G.


@cotto for sFTP details check that video please

Also, I have found this information on Google for you:


Accessing your SFTP Account on GoDaddy Managed WordPress
(as of 2-10-2015 website says but not sure if still, this is the way, I do not own a managed host in GoDaddy so not very familiar with this control panel)

  1. Log into your Blog as if you were going to post a new blog entry
  2. On the top black bar that shows up with Managed WordPress Accounts, choose “GoDaddy Settings”
  3. On the next page, click on “Settings” button
  4. On the small popup window, click on “SSH & SFTP”
  5. Here you will find your username, password, port and address
  6. Bonus: on the database page you can log into phpMyAdmin

I apologize for the delayed response. 
Whenever I go into my account in GoDaddy, almost everything I click leads me to an error message. I am waiting for them to call me back but they have been less than helpful. I'm so frustrated.