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Hacked: I can't gain full access of my back-end. Please HELP!!!

From an Administrator/Keymaster to an Author. I can't do a lot because someone hacked my account. Please i need help on how to gain back my access. Thanks.


Hello @Jerrydoubles and welcome to the GoDaddy community! If you've found your WordPress installation to be compromised then restoring from a known-good local backup would be the easiest way to recover. However, you can check out for some good tips on handling it as well.


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Hello Godaddy community!

I have registered a domain with Godaddy in the name of but it is hacked after few days.

Let me add something here that i have only register the domain name, nothing else. After this i tried to use free hosting to run my website. I have used about 10-12 free hosting and changed my Name servers according to them.

Suddenly, I added a forward  link to my facebook page after removing my website from all free hosting sites but unfortunately my domain get hacked.

you can visit my domain

Please someone help me to get my domain back.



If your name is uhammad Atif Taimur & your mailing address is at Village Werowal (I won't mention the whole address partly for anonymity sake). . . You're not hacked. The only thing that's happening right now is your domain being forwarded to your Facebook page. Nothing else.


If you want to remove the forward to your Facebook page, just go on Domain Management through your account, and edit your domain settings. Also, I recommend looking into using shared hosting instead of free hosting sites. You'll be able to do a lot more if you have your own hosting.

I have same problem too my domain got hack, how to recover my wordpress page