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October 4th AMA on WordPress - How do you really do it right?

Join us October 4th for our AMA with industry expert  @JMPepper  who will be sharing insights and expertise on WordPress LIVE at 8am PDT! 


Feel free to add a comment if you have additional questions to this growing list of questions we've pulled!


    1. Backups and WP.  How do you really do it right?
    2. Who should be doing your site?
      1. If your business is –
      2.       Brick-n-mortar
      3.       E-Commerce

                                                               iii.      Is THE business

    1. If YOU the business owner decides to do it
    2.       Educate yourself on what goes into it
    3.       Educate your staff/team/employee to whom you delegate it
    1. Can WP really be used on a phone?
    2. What’s the big deal with Gutenburg?
    3. Will WP really get my site a Google/SEO top ranking?
    4. How do you put together a WP budget?
      1. Key question to ask, “Is the functionality of the site going to be implemented via commercially available plugins OR are you writing the functionality into the theme with your own coding?”
      2.       Situation 1 – You’ll be paying for selection, licensing, installation, and configuration of plugins.
      3.       Situation 2 – You’ll be paying the developer for programming time and configuration/parameters.
      4. How much hosting do I really need?
      5.       Not based on the number of site visitors in MOST cases.
      6.       Need resources to drive the functionality/automation that the site provides.

                                                               iii.      Do not try to run a business site on servers not designed for businesses.

    1. How do you compare GoCentral to WordPress?
    2. ClassicPress is a name I’ve recently heard in the WordPress world.  What is it?
    3. Can WP really text my customers for me?
      1. Here’s the reference article -
      2. The answer – let’s start adding up the cost of getting WP to text your customer!
    4. I have an Amazon store.  How does that work with WordPress?
      1. Depends on your relationship with Amazon.
      2. However, plugins and SaaS are everywhere for this connection.
      3. Key is in the details in service and supply.


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will installing Jetpack professional on shared hosting package reduce my server load.

Since it comes with WordPress Performance stack which includes Content Delivery Network (CDN) features like Unlimited static file hosting, Unlimited image hosting, Unlimited video hosting, Lazy loading images and Elasticsearch-powered search.

If it does tell me more does it cater for all these usage gauges in Cpanel dashboard like File Usage, Physical Memory Usage, Number of Processes, Disk Usage, MySQL® Disk Usage, Bandwidth, CPU Usage,Entry Processes,IOPS, and I/O Usage.
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