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Primer Wordpress Theme Header Bug

I am using the Activation theme which is a child theme of Primer in Wordpress. There appears to be a bug regarding the header image.  If I add a featured image to the latest post, this automatically overrides the header image, even though the 'Allow the featured image on the current post to override the hero image' box in the appearance editing mode is not ticked. If I try to over-ride the new header image with the original one by re-selecting it in the appearance editor, nothing happens.


Hoping GoDaddy, who are the theme creator, can help with this one or sort the bug.


I'm having the same issue with the Primer theme. The "Use featured image" box is NOT checked in the Header Media Customizer, but on post pages, the post's Feature Image is displayed in the header. I tried toggling the checkbox on and off and republishing the changes to see if that would fix it, but no. An answer to this in under a month would be helpful, don't you agree?



Has anyone resolved this? I would like different heros on each page and not the featured hero of the Home Page. I've done the same steps as the previous guys and still nothing happens. 


Also, as a reseller, I try to push the Build A Site. Is this lack of support indicative of what my clients will face?