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Sync posts to Facebook and Twitter



I want my sites posts to appear on my Facebook page and Twitter account. When I had another WP blog some years ago, not managed by GD, it was fairly easy to do, I seem to remember there was a setting for it when scheduling publication. However I can't seem to find anything similar for my current blog. Any ideas?

Helper I

I post to Twitter on my community information site using the official Twitter plug-in from.... Twitter.


Go to Add Plug-Ins, search for new plug-ins, Install, then Activate.  There are a few settings to set up, but the installation leads you through it, if I remember correctly.  I didn't search... but I bet Facebook has one of its own as well.


My advice: never opt for someone else's code if you can use it straight from the application developer.


Let me know if you need more info... I can try installing on my test site.

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