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What are Form Views?



I apologize if this is a rookie question, but I am a rookie at websites and Wordpress. When I click on my Forms tab, I can see how many views the forms have had. In my case, the three forms on my website have approximately 2,000 views total. However, when I look at the Jetpack statistics for visitors to my site, the number is quite small. Can anyone explain where my forms are being viewed if they are not viewed on the website? I appreciate any insight.




Re: What are Form Views?

Respect to you buddy. Calling yourself a rookie will help you improve your knowledge a lot since it indicates you know your worth.


Back to the question Form views deferring from the actual page visitors.
Do you have access to Apache access logs to see if the page where the form is located is in fact getting accessed that many times, and if so where the hits were coming from?

Jetpack analytics counts visitors each time a page is viewed. meaning each time Jetpack tracking code is loaded in a browser. the same applies to Google Analytics.

Considering the form Plugin you are using they are a lot of things that happen to a site. to yours forms i guess things like bots or site monitoring robots are being counted as views.
some of these bots check to see if a site is up regularly or something else. the form creators may also be sending robots that are counted as views.This is done by them to help track you and also improve on the software they are providing

There are a lot of site server services pinging forms and other site files depending on what the forms were intended to do hence to be counted as views.

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Re: What are Form Views?

Thank you!