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Wordpress Plugin Installation Error: Do You Really Wants To Do This?

I am getting a strange error while installing a Wordpress plugin on my website.


It is a 3rd party plugin that I use on most of my websites. 


I have just installed Wordpress on my newly purchased domain name i.e and now I am installing required plugins.


As soon I have uploaded the plugin, I have received an error message "Do you really want to do this?" and there is a link called "Try Again". When I clicked on the link "Try Again", it took me to the previous screen and my plugin was not installed.


I have tried uploading the plugin multiple times but received the same error message. 


Does anyone tell me what could be the issue?

Former Employee

Hi faizansari,


Its hard to say what would exactly be causing that error. What is the name of the plugin and have you tried manually installing the plugin by uploading it via FTP? 



Thank you! 

Advocate VII

Hi @faizansari,


I have seen this error on corrupt .zip files.  The error message dialogue is really vague here since it does not give you any information on what its calling "this".  It may actually be saying "do you want to install a file that I don't know how to read." 


In my case, I had recently downloaded an update.  That download contained a bad zip within a zip.  So, my updated plugin was the source of the problem.  Had to go back delete plugin folder, then get the intact version and upload it.


Not sure that this is your case, but hope it helps!


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