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"Invalid WordPress admin username or password"

I bought a Managed Wordpress hosting here but now I think it was the worst decision ever.


I've been trying to set it up and I haven´t been able to pass by the login details... I have followed all the necessary steps when trying to migrate my wordpress account to godaddy and the only thing I get is  "Invalid WordPress admin username or password”. 


I have triple checked every detail and tried everything. I know the account details are right.


This is supposed to be easy!!!!! and a main reason to choose godaddy....


What else can i do?

Super User I

Are you saying that you can't get past the part where it asks for the login details to your site at the old hosting, before doing the auto-migration?


I assume you can log into your site where it's currently hosted. If your computer saves logins/passwords, is it possible that you think you have the right password, but haven't actually tried logging into your site recently, by doing it manually to confirm? I'd try that just to make sure you really do have the right info.





Did you manage to resolve this?


I'm having exactly the same issue. I've tried every possible combination and have even changed my password just in case I couldn't remember it correctly.

I also have the same problem - would love some help! Don't have the time to wait on the phone for 1 hour unfortunately and chat is offline... 


I am currently having the same issue. Did godaddy team manage to resolve it for any of you? So frustrating.. And I'm worried for my site!


I am facing the same issue 😞

I am having the same issue also. It is completely the correct username and password, I know this because I logged out of WP and logged back in successfully.