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webP Conversion

OK friends-- built a site for a client on the GoDaddy Managed WordPress plan and we're working on beefing up performance. Doing pretty well, except for TTFB and serving up webP images. I've done everything that our install will allow for the TTFB issue so I'm working on webP images.


I currently utilize the free versions of Hummingbird and Smush, which have been lifesavers at helping me isolate sections of CSS to defer, enable longer expiry dates on my caching, and do a better job at optimizing my photos...however, $600/year (!) for Smush Pro *just* to get webP conversion is a little ridiculous. I looked at my free options that wouldn't interfere with my current setup (I tested a few and there was conflict). My last option, it seems, is WebP Express, but after reading through support logs, I'm a little wary. Anyone have advice or another solution? I'm no server girl, so I don't trust myself to manually write a new rule in .htaccess.