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    Emails sent from hosting account don`t arrive

    We have a major problem. We developed a webstore (www.efresh.com.au). In the admin page we can setup email addresses where we get notifications about new orders, enquiries, etc. This function works with every single email address, except the work emails (sales@efresh.com.au for instance). Our work emails are hosted at gmail and they work properly. The only thing these email accounts don`t receive are the notification emails from the website. It is very frustrating as we checked everything possible. The emails don`t land in the spam folder, they just don`t arrive. We tried other gmail addresses and those worked properly. Anyone has any ideas?

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    Community Manager

    Hi, @Yoshi. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


    In my experience, issues like this happen if your domain doesn't have an SPF record that signifies where the email should be coming from. Since your MX Records point to Gmail, servers may find the email suspect because it is coming from our servers instead. To remedy this, you'll want to set up an SPF record that indicates email can be sent from both Gmail and GoDaddy (secureserver.net). You can find details on how to add an SPF record here. There is a link in that article for more information on how an SPF record should be composed. Alternatively, another community member may be able to suggest what record to use specifically. If you're able to get this resolved, please follow up here so others can benefit from your experience!


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