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    Created blog within my website

    The tool as usual has made creating a blog within the tool very easy!  My question is, when will the blog be able to apply comments to my blog?  Right now there is no way for comments.

    Former Employee

    Hi @kwest,


    So glad to hear you like our new Blog feature! We're working on a couple things right now but as soon as we wrap those up we'll move on to adding Commenting functionality.


    Christie S.

    Sr. PM, Blog

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    Community Manager

    Hi @kwest. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community and providing feedback! I know other users have shared the same suggestion. We will be sure to pass this on to our product development team. Thanks again!


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
    Former Employee

    Hi @kwest,


    So glad to hear you like our new Blog feature! We're working on a couple things right now but as soon as we wrap those up we'll move on to adding Commenting functionality.


    Christie S.

    Sr. PM, Blog

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    Any update on how to leave comments on the blogging function? This is very disappointing! Thank you.


    Has anyone heard if the commenting will be available??  There are several things that this blog doesn't do!  

    1.  Commenting

    2. You can't add more than 1 image to your blog.

    3. You can't remove the date from the blog post.

    4. You can't unpublish a post and send it back to the drafts folder.  You have to totally delete it and start over.

    5. The blog titles and dates don't show up correctly on cell phones.  Even though Go Daddy promotes setting up the website from phones and you don't need a desktop.


    I guess we should have set up a WordPress site like all the other bloggers.  Anyone have any work arounds or suggestions?  Are you going to stick it out with Go Daddy or go somewhere else?  Are you going to make the blog somewhere else and then just direct it to your Go Daddy page?



    Ok I am new to go central...regular godaddy site was tough using Wordpress. But now that I got the site all finished and ready to publish I noticed there isn't any commenting on the blog site....what? is this close to being ready? I need to make a decision on this within a few days. ugh!!

    @Myrobin Sorry for the delay in replying. We're nearly there on this feature and the plan it to launch it next month!

    Any update on this commenting situation? Sounds like most of us really need a Comments box for interaction. 

    In addition to that, a way to review the post before it is published and a way to edit the post instead of having to delete and recreate it. 

    Getting more and more frustrated with this website builder....

    Hi there,


    We are expecting to have the commenting feature ready by mid April, so you will see it soon.


    We don't currently have a preview feature on our roadmap, but we'll keep it in mind for future planning.


    You do have the ability to edit blog posts that you've already published. Just click on any published post in your blog manager and that will take you to the editor so you can make the changes you need. Then, click the blue "Update" button on the right to publish the changes to your site.


    My GoCentral blog site does not have an option to let others comment. What is wrong?

    These instructions don't match the current version of GoCentral.


    hi there,


    I believe they are still working on it and will let us know when its available.



    That is so frustrating. I remember that’s why I did not go with go daddy in the past. What’s the point of writing a blog and people can’t interact with you? I’m glad I signed up for the trial because this might be what causes me to break away from the service again.

    Hi @JenniferF18@kwest


    I'd love to provide an exact date for releasing the commenting functionality but unfortunately am not able to as I don't have one. 


    I can tell you that we're wrapping up functionality around sending email updates when new blog posts are released. This will be followed by providing the ability to share a post on your social media platforms (also allowing your customers/visitors to share the post on their social platforms). Then we'll be able to move on to the commenting feature. 


    We're still planning on releasing this fall, but with so much between now and then I don't have an exact date to share.





    Sr PM, Blog


    Okay, it's the fall now. What's the status of the comments function on blogs? Why do we have to wait until these other problems are solved before you can get to this issue? I agree with other frustrated users that the inability to interact with readers (and vice versa) is a serious bug in your system. Please update us as to exact status and when we can expect a fix.

    i just published my blog in my website... im happy with it but for me the most important part in one blog is that u can interact with your followers or readers by their comments... i hope u can add this sooooonnnn!!!!!