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    How can I see how much Website space I have used?

    Hello, everyone! Please, tell me where I can see How much Website space I have already used?

    And also I'm making changes of the website, but the changes are not showing up in the Preview mode any more. What can I do with this problem? Thanks a lot in advance  

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    Hi @NG, thanks for posting.

    There isn't a way to view your total space used, but you can estimate it based on the images/files you added. In most cases, you won't run into any space issues. If you'd like to know the exact amount, you can contact our support teams and they can provide that info.

    If you have custom HTML or JavaScript on a page, those may not be displayed in the preview. You might not be able to review those until you publish the site.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    Hello @GaryA


    Thank you so much for the information, dear Gary! 

    You was very helpful.