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    How to add an action button that will link to a file?

    I am a new user to Go Central and website design. I have a simple website for information only. We are not selling or buying anything. I want to be able to insert an Action Button that will link to a file. Two agents from Go Daddy tell me that it can be down easily, but I am not able to add such a button. Can anybody help me ? I also want to change the size of the font in some sections. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Action Button

    @Maui  I don't use GoCentral but from what I can tell you can upload a button graphic, then insert that into your page.  You would then wrap that button code in link code that goes to the file you want.


    Maybe this page will help?


    As far as font sizes, that is control by CSS files and GoCentral does not allow access to that file for you to customize.  I remember some talk about adding that ability in the future.  Maybe someone from GoDaddy can comment?


    HTH! ;-)

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    Re: Action Button

    I would like to know if I can re position the button on my home page?