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    More visual appeal to the "Subscription" section

    I was kind of upset to learn that GoDaddy doesn't have any integration with Mailchimp, and especially even more upset to see the lack of options when adding a section for getting email subscribers. If you're not going to incorporate Mailchimp integration, then you HAVE to have better competition. Mailchimp provides transitional popup banners, whereas on GoDaddy you only have the option to add a subscription section somewhere within the the page of your website. Very amateur looking, I'm not impressed. Just being honest. I love GoDaddy in many other ways, but this issue needs addressing for sure.

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    Former Employee

    Re: More visual appeal to the "Subscription" section

    Hi there,


    Thanks for the feedback.  There’s a lot of research suggesting that popping up an email subscribe when the user gets to the site hurts SEO, so we’ve been hesitant to offer a feature that might inadvertently undermine the user’s business goals.


    That said, if Mailchimp provides a code snippet for a sign up from, you can try using the GoCentral HTML section to embed that form.  It may still not support popups, but you should be able to send your subscribers to mailchimp instead of the included GoDaddy Email Marketing product if you'd prefer.




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    Re: More visual appeal to the "Subscription" section

    @cstrasia I would like to see the Subscribe layout version with text to be able to left justify. I have a long paragraph of info to include there and it's looks bad all centered. Thanks.