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    Newsletters onto Website

    I use the website & marketing / email marketing campaign to send newsletters to subscribers. I want to keep these newsletters on the website in a searchable format however have not found a way. Currently I have them listed under a page "News" with a files setup so I can upload PDFs, but I cannot put descriptions, or make them searchable or use for SEO. I wouldn't mind using the Blog format but don't want to repeat myself. Is there away to upload a newsletter as a blog? Other ideas?

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    Re: Newsletters onto Website



    Did you ever find a solution?   You can have a list of downloadable links to PDFs.


    Here's what you do.  Create your Newsletter Archive Page:


    Add a Section > Choose: Files > Choose: Best for a list of PDFs or files for download


    You can add up to 15 files by clicking on the Add link.  Once the file is uploaded the file name will display.  Then you can click the > to the right of the file name that then takes you to where you can change the File Label to display what you want. 


    HTH! 😉



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