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    Pictures and photos in online store

    I apologise if this is asked a lot but I can't find even the slightest mention anywhere on Godaddy.

    So I'm running an online store through Godaddy's Premium online store feature. I have some knowledge of html and css but this makes editing easier.

    You can edit your sites pages in two ways, through adding products in the shop and by editing pages in store design. My issue is that when you add photographs of your products, the CMS changes the names of the files to a long list of letters. Whenever I re-download a pic from my website it has this long default name. The problem with that is I'm told Google finds pictures based on the name as much as the text around it and I want my products to show up on google images for obvious reasons.

    When editing pages in store design you can edit the code of the picture but you can't change the name since its hosted somewhere else. I understand why that it is but why isn't there a way of changing the name when its uploaded. Having a long name of random numbers and letters is also a pain when it comes to editing and copying code, and if I lose the name I re-upload the same pic which is incredibly wasteful and foolish for whoever runs that server.

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    Community Manager

    Hi, @andrewwood. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


    My understanding is that the website image file names are randomized to prevent leaching, which would be when other sites or users link directly to the image and not the site/page to came from. We definitely appreciate the feedback, though. It would be interesting to know what circumstances do you find you need to have the exact file name for an image. It would also be great if others in the community could weigh in on this. Thanks!


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at x.co/247support | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Thanks for the response @JesseW To be honest, since I posted I have considered the leaching argument. If I wanted to name my pic "train.jpg" for example, the name would likely already be in use, and it would be too easy for others to steal pictures.

    However, this is easily solved either by hosting the pictures in the same domain as the rest of the website or by including the website name elsewhere in the image URL.


    To answer your question though, I would like to use the same picture for selling the product in my shop and linking to the product from another page on my site. So rather than browse my computer for the same image again I would like to be able to reuse the same file. I sometimes edit on a different laptop so I have to save my own picture to upload it again.

    To give another example, I might have a section on my site called product of the week. When editing the main photograph of this page, it is far easier to change a single word, thereby changing an image url, than delete this picture and find the replacement, especially if I've added code to the picture to change it to a link, to change the size and position, to add alternative text etc. I could copy the name of the image from elsewhere and paste it into its place but it's more hassle.

    I also mentioned in my op that I think Google finds images easier and ranks them higher if the name of the image matches the search term. My evidence for this is I searched for a product on my site using its fairly uncommon name and it came within the top 4 results in Google, yet when I switched to images, it was nowhere to be found.


    Sorry for the long response, but I hope others in the community will agree that this could actually improve the site builder.