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    Helper V

    Slideshow pics are being cropped!

    Like others, I have literally tried everything. The slideshow pics are getting cropped on the mobile version (Luxe template) regardless of the upload size. I've uploaded at the size the software asks for, smaller and larger. I've added blank space to the ends of the photos, you name it. Regardless, the images are getting cropped on both sides, which is cutting off text in my photos. I'm at my wits end over this. I've spent countless hours to no avail. This topic has been discussed before:




    The "solution" I was not able to follow, and there is no way to ask a comment/question now as the thread is closed, hence I'm restarting this topic.


    Has anyone figured out how the heck the average person is suppose to make this work? It seems to me if the developers would remove the margin setting on the slideshow (mobile version), the photos would go edge to edge just like the Subscribe sections we're able to put on the store and the problem would be solved!

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    Hi @Hopeful. I can try to help. Can you clarify if you are talking about the image in your photo gallery? The only slideshow we have is the photo gallery so I want to make sure we are solving the right thing for you. My first question is what is the orientation of your photos? Are they all horizontal (wide) or vertical (tall) or a mix? Second, is your image too small? If it is too small it will zoom in to fit and look fuzzy. Also, if it's a lot taller than wide it will crop the top and bottom to fit. And if the image is a lot wider than tall it will crop the sides. With our photo galleries you can swap between 4 different layouts. The first layout choice is ideal for both horizontal and vertical photos and works best to not crop the photo unless you happen to be using a very wide or very tall image. I attached a pic of which photo gallery will work best to not crop your photos. Again, make sure you are using an image that has a typical dimension with a 4x3 or 3x4 ratio, and not one that is excessively wide or excessively tall. If you want to share your site with me I am happy to look and see if I can troubleshoot better or give you a work-around.


    photo gallery.png




    @RachelB I selected the first choice in the Luxe template photo gallery slideshow. The large photo w/o thumbnails. My photos are all horizontal. I've tried everything. I've even sized the photos EXACTLY to the size of the window and then uploaded it. It still crops it off on the mobile version. I'd send you the link to the site, but now, for some reason, my Messages says I can't send a private message. Ha! Gotta love it...

    Did you ever figure this out? I've tried everything to fix myself and finally gave up.

    Hi, I am sorry this is still happening. The photo gallery layout that I recommended is supposed to work well for any photo orientation. It would really help me troubleshoot if I could see your website. If your site is live can you please share the domain here? If not, it's probably best to contact our care center so they can pull up your website and see if there's something odd happening. In the US the phone number is 480-505-8877.



    @gwilly12 @RachelB  No, I worked on it for days to no avail. (This having an IT and graphics background, with expertise in layout/composition.) I made numerous calls to customer service, searched the Community, nothing. Since my photos had text on the corners, and that is what I needed, it was critical I figure something out. I ended up doing a work around, which really is a shame. Something so basic and they couldn't make the minor margin adjustment to the mobile version needed. Now I have a larger space between the photos on the computer version and the photos are smaller, but my text is not getting cut off on the mobile version.

    Hi I saw your post and wondered if I have the same issue and if so, was your issue ever resolved? I am using one of their templates and after trying several of them none of them seem to show the entire photo in the website via the gallery. If not, I will absolutely have to leave GoDaddy and find another site as I'm a photographer and need the photos to show in full view...

    @Maurisse  I can tell you what I did, which may or may not work for your situation. I was dealing with the slideshow on the Luxe template, not the gallery. The background around the slideshow appears to be white, but it is actually another color. I forget what that color is. You can view the code to find that out. Once I determined the color, I used photo editing software (Paint works) to create a larger canvas, leaving a 15 pixel wide "frame" or space around my photos. Then I made the space around the photo the background color. Now it looks decent on the responsive version, but it created a larger gap between the photos in my slideshow, which is not ideal, but it's the only thing that worked. It's sad, because all it would have taken is for GoDaddy to address the margin issue and this would have been solved.

    Thanks for the info.


    I decided to switch to another website builder - which is a shame since this seems like a simple fix on their end. Other builders like weebly or squarespace. Thanks again!

    Hi everyone, sorry this is not yet resolved. This is a priority for us to address. I will keep you posted. Christine

    Well, if you see the first post on this thread, it links to the original thread regarding this issue. It goes back to October 2016. During that 2-1/2 year timeframe, your users have had to come up with other ways to deal with this, including myself. If you correct it now, everything I have set up will have to be redone. While it may be nice to have it fixed, it would have been really nice if this SIMPLE correction could have been made at the time you were notified. I don't have the time to devote to redoing all my slideshow pics now. And unfortunately, GD has lost customers over it.

    @ChristineLIn the process of correcting the slideshow, the developer has inadvertently removed the light gray background!! Now our choices are only a purple brown, black, or white! The gray was the same gray used to differentiate multiple groups stacked elsewhere on the website so the colors coordinate. Please get this corrected also.

    This cropping issue is a MAJOR problem for me too!  I am a photographer and my Jpgs are of a regular digital camera size and I NEED to be able to display the full vertical images, not just horizontal ones. The older version of the builder was able to do this easily and I will have to leave GoDaddy if you can't fix this right away - it should not be difficult! This is critical for photos and it's hard to believe that you would have slide show options where images are automatically cropped...the photos I just uploaded have eveyone's heads cut off.

    I too am having the same issues (plus both horizontal and vertical images being cropped in mobile view) and have just spent an hour on the phone with GD support, who were working with their developers, and seems there is no fix at all. They were going to raise it to their manager, but seeing as this seems to date back to 2016 based on the messages above, I'm not hopeful. Just a shame as I've always had really good service from GD and having control of the images on your website - especially when you've selected a template designed for photographers - seems like a basic given. Having now spent days working on this, it just seems like in this case GD is not fit for purpose and I am now looking for a new service. At least they have a good refund policy.

    Exactly! It doesn't speak well of a company to offer slide show options to photographers when there is no way to display/view photos images in their proper proportions in a slide show!  Slide shows are extremely important in the "Photography" categories offered by GoDaddy and this is appalling! I have no confidence in this product!

    I have a variation on your problem. My site was created just before your comments. I used vertical images on a six image plus description page (https://preservevistoso.org/our-board-your-neighbor). It displayed well on both PCs and phones. One of the photos needed to be changed a few weeks ago and that went without a hitch.

    I had to substitute another image today, and when I opened the editor, all the previous vertical images on the PC page had reverted to horizontal with no action on my part and cropped to the point of being unusable while the phone pics stayed OK and as-is. I dared not save the result.

    Lots of luck.

    this is definitely still happening....will have to move to another website builder if something this basic cant be resolved soon.....