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    Stationary Header And Font Questions

    Is there a way to keep the header stationary instead of scrolling with the page (so the the header is always shown) on Go  Central?


    Also, is there  a way of changing the font style and/or color within a section, (the content section, for example), so that the font matches the font in the header or section title without adding an HTML section and doing it there?

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    Hi @skajerk, thanks for posting.

    In GoCentral Website Builder there is not a way to do what you described with the header.

    Font colors cannot be changed in individual sections are they are determined by the theme.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Not being able to change the font color in the individual settings is making me crazy.  For instance the heading is white (black background), but the section font underneath the heading is gray.  Ridiculous to not be able to change that or at least have it match the white which is the font color I chose.Capture.JPG