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    Thumbnail pictures pixelated on ecommerce

    ASKING for some help with my thumbnail pictures tied to my shopping cart.  Godaddy stopped supporting my "Reflections" template 1-2 weeks ago that I have had since 2009 and the thumbnail pictures were crystal clear, I am now using another template and all the thumbnail pictures are pixelated.


    I have called godaddy and they say they cant help but they will build a shopping cart starting at $2500.00. My shopping cart was fine until I had to change!!!. I have looked at my shopping cart in android, safari, chrome, firefox and the pics are still pixelated so I believe that it is not the browser as godaddy suggested.

    My website is ihlusa.com and proceed to online catalog to see the problem. Customers have made mention that the pics look like they were done by a five year old, why on earth would they want to buy my product when I cant have decent pics...........extremely frustrated, any and all help would be extremely appreciated.



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