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    Two issues with Online Store

    I'm very new to web construction and am using the GoDaddy website builder. I started with the free trial website builder, but soon realized I needed the additional functionality of the online store, so I upgraded my suscription to the online store. I have the basics of my website and online store assembled, but am running into two problems. (1) When I browse to the live domain, only the website appears, the online store does not show up. (2) I can make changes and additions to product etc in the online store, but cannot preview it. When I click "go to the site" it just takes me to the website without the online store portion showing.


    I assume there is some linkage that needs to occur for all of this to work together. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re: Two issues with Online Store

    Hi @guyprentice. It sounds like your Online Store has gotten out of sync with the site builder. Our customer service reps can usually resolve this pretty quickly, if you want to give them a call.