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    Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth - That is not what GoDaddy really mean..

     I was actually speech-less,  when I got an email from GoDaddy that my account has too many files and I have to remove them or they will remove them for me and had shut down all of my websites hosted.


    After being a loyal customer of GoDaddy for over 10 years that was a surprise.


    Email didn't have valid reply address no link to any ticket to respond.


    Guess what, two days later  my collected data for several years was removed, and websites are still down.


    This is not what I sign-up for when I I saw the hosting plan with Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth. 


    All of my websites were eCommerce and every day down cost me money.

    Did GoDaddy care at all?  Sounds like not.


    That is a one very frustrating experience with a hosting provider, that have no respect to their advertisement nor to their  customers.








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    Helper VI
    Helper VI

    Re: Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth - That is not what GoDaddy really mean..

    @mchern that's awful! 😞

    With shared hosting plans you get unlimited disk space, which is "true". However, you can't have more than 250,000 inodes (files or folders). Take in mind that an email is a file.


    Have you contacted support in order to retrieve your data? Here you have their phone numbers.

    Maybe you can retrieve it and get another plan, so you won't lose your sites.


    Hope it helps!

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