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    Website Builder Online Store Limitations

    There are so many limitations of the website builder and the online store from GoCentral. I will simply list my observations. Some of these are things that were mentioned two years ago by other users, the 24/7 support techs are also unable to resolve and in my view it's usually best to stop struggling and google for a working platform or implementation instead. 

    1. Site content blocks with internal groupings do not allow the user to increase the number of groupings, for example, the logos component allows only six logos. It is impossible to stretch it further. The other content blocks behave the same, you cannot insert even a single image if GoCentral had not put a placeholder for that in their widget. So we all have similar websites because this was created for people with no ambition of creating something freely as they desire like Wix or Squrespace does for example.

    2. The online store is locked to the US region if you wanna keep PayPal options working. Changing the store country does not change the currency which will remain USD unless you decide to do away with PayPal abilities. There is no plugin or any scriptable assets that one can use to do automatic conversions to represent the correct currency and so not overcharge or undercharge when customers purchase listed items.

    3. While the documentation boasts 1000 products import from csv files, this is not true! The limit is 100 products per import session. So if you have 1000 products, you will need to have ten times 100 product listing csv files to do the job. 

    4. There is no way of importing multiple product images via a csv file. One support person, I won't mention her name here lest she loses her job, she told me a comma separated list would work in the product image url field, it does not work because I tested this.

    5. It is impossible to have your own attribues set that you do not want the user to select or change but rather are informing them that the product is say in the colour black. In fact, there are no custom fields possible. If you add your own data fields or change the ones given by their sample template, you will have a field day with errors importing the csv or it just becomes stuck at 50% as if it is going to import. After refreshing having waited for hours, you'll find nothing was imported.

    6. It is difficult if not actually impossible to control image or text placement. You may only place this according to their content templates and fields. 

    7. The SEO feature will not proceed if your content does not contain the three options you are given via the wizard, making it an unpleasant feature to use. You will end up with a site that has repetitive content and headers. 

    8. If GoCentral cared about addressing these issues, they would be fixed in 2019 as some of these were highlighted in 2016! One of them being the currency restrictions and no availability of converters and plugins or a scriptable API of some sort so we could do it ourselves. Therefore GoDaddy / GoCentral is essentially selling people a defective product and they don't want people to know has these broken features and lack of functionality beforehand. 

    9. If you are reading this line, then you know what to do. Look for alternatives online, you'll thank me later. I did this and was happy to find completely free alternatives that do a lot more and are easy to set up, customize and manage.

    10. There are not enough tutorials on how to use neither the website builder nor the online store, if you find these, either they are outdated and different from what's available now and probably not official walkthrough videos but rather those created by the 'community'. 

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    Re: GoCentral Online Store Limitations

    I 100% agree with you @djlaserman and so does GoDaddy. The Website Builder product is not a one size fits all magic wand solution, nor was it intended to be? In the past I've found that adding multiple modules to get past the 'limit' actually works really well. The Website Builder is built to have mobile compatibility and the modules are built with mobile in mind as well. In theory any limit imposed is there for a mobile compatibility reasons and best practices. 


    Development is sometimes slow and the 'priority' is not always the first thing tackled. You'll find that some more advanced features will find their way to Website Builder and others may be out of specification or scope for Website Builder as a product. I remain committed to using Website Builder as a product where it makes sense while understanding that it didn't always make sense. I hope that helps? 


    GoDaddy produced a great video on this by the way. Check it out. 

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head


    Re: GoCentral Online Store Limitations

    I've been working on my site now for about 100 hours and I've got to say that the Online Store is, at best, alpha level software.  No way this should have been launched as there's just too much feature functionality that doesn't exist or is broken out of the box.


    I'm sorry to read that people have been struggling with this for years.  I'm certainly not paying $250/year for the Online Store to just be a perpetual beta tester with zero sales.


    Best of luck, all!

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    Re: GoCentral Online Store Limitations

    Like I mentioned, Website Builder is not for everybody or every situation @mshallop. Best wishes for whatever new platform or product you select for your online presence. If you have some time come back and let us know what you chose, why you chose what you chose and why you didn't choose what you didn't choose. I am more than certain that everyone could learn from your decision process. 


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Re: GoCentral Online Store Limitations

    Hello  , 


    Can you please give details on item 7 relating to SEO.


    What exactly is the issue you see.


    *What wizard exactly?

    *Where are these 3 options you mention?

    *Are you saying that if the 3 options fields are left blank then the SEO Title & Description field we filled out will be on NO use?