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    Website Viewing Issues

    I recently transferred my domain back to go daddy and I am using the website builder for my site. I changed the DNS servers on my domain back to go daddy around 6 hours ago. If I am not on WiFi I am able to see the new website (www.sarahsilerphotography.com). However, if I'm on WiFi on any of my devices it still shows the old holding error page from my prior provider (they had a massive server crash). I cleared my cookies, cache and history and still no luck while on WiFi. Is this just a fluke and I should wait a little while longer?

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    Re: Website Viewing Issues

    Hi @SSP1, thanks for posting.

    While DNS changes can sometimes take effect quickly, it's not uncommon for them to take 24-48 hours to become completely effective. This is because different networks and ISPs update at different rates.


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