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    Website visible sometimes, sometimes not

    I've been searching these forums for an answer to my issue, but thought others seem to have had similar problems, it's not clear to me how they resolve them. I recently created a website using the GoCentral Business builder. (www.chefpatriciarieger.com). The domain name was purchased through namecheap just a month ago. Ideally, I would simply transfer the domain to godaddy, but I gather I can't do that within the first 60 days of purchasing the name. In the interim, I configured the DNS at namecheap with an A Record and CNAME Record.


    Having published my site under that domain name, I find that:

    1. Some users can view the site just fine in a variety of browsers, or it works in some browsers but not others.

    2. Some users get an error message (site not found).

    3. Some users get a blank page.

    4. Some users who visited the site once and viewed it without problem, now get a blank page when they reload/revisit. (This includes myself.)

    Based on another thread, I have an inkling that this has something to do with duplicate host names, but I can't find the networking set-up that was referenced as a solution in that thread.

    Can anyone advise me on where I've gone astray here? I may go mad with frustration.

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    Helper V



    I think your website is configured properly!, works good...

    The Trace Route to your website does not have any major differences in hops...

    The GoCentral has a robust infrastructure!, so don't worry...


    Hope this helps




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support

    Thanks! It seems to be working now.