Bought a domain, WordPress Hosting and theme coupons but my site doesn't work. Help?!?

I bought from Godaddy domain, and from WordPress hosting, and from mythemeshop theme coupons, but my website does not work, I want help

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What have you done so far?   Building a site involves a bunch of steps -- probably more than can be detailed here...


=> What is your hosting?  cPanel or Managed WordPress?


=> Make sure your domain is on your hosting account.  (Depends on which platform how to do that.)


=> If cPanel you have to install WordPress; If Managed WordPress, WP is ready to go.


=> Once WP is installed, you then install your theme (Appearance > Themes > Add New).  You then upload the Zip file from the theme provider.


=> After your theme is installed, you then can customize and config WordPress and your theme the way you like.


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My domain not working I have my own hosting, and server.