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Travel Domain Names

Hit the road with your big travel idea.

The world is huge, and packed with explorers, from mountain climbers to scuba divers and everyone in between. Having a travel-based domain extension can put your new globe-trotting idea ahead of the rest, and give you an edge up on the competition. With that in mind, here are some of the best extensions you can own in the travel space.

Sail away.

Build trust with your audience.
Your website is a reflection of you and the work that you create. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out as something special and unique? With a domain extension that reflects you and your brand, you can turn a bland website address into something exciting.
Be focused or general. Your call.
Regional domain extensions let you focus on your region. Do you run a bodega in New York City? Then grab a .nyc domain extension while you can. Or if you’re from Miami, London or Paris, pick up .miami, .london or .paris — your choice. Or you could go broad and run with a .earth domain extension. After all, everybody online is from there — that we know of, anyway.
Your home. Your extension.
Getting a regional domain extension can show people that you’re a local. You and your business understand them and their needs, and because of that, you’re the best place to go when they need help. Why not capitalize on that opportunity with the perfect regional domain extension? And with more going live all the time, you’ve always got another chance to grab a city, state or country domain extension of your own.