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Add recipients to my marketing email

Step 4 of Create and send marketing emails.

Before you add email recipients, take a few moments to look at your email preview. Use the desktop and mobile previews to check the general look and feel of both versions, and to check for accuracy and spelling or other mistakes.

If necessary, use < Back to return to editing your content or your layout and style. The content stage is also the only stage where you can check links.

Select individuals, a group or a list of people to receive your email. You must choose either a group or a list, but choosing individuals is optional.

  • If you choose to send your email to individuals, make sure those individuals have agreed to receive marketing emails from you.
  • Groups are either your customers (people who have bought your products or signed up for an appointment or event), your members (people who have accounts or access to private pages) or your subscribers (people who opt in to your email list). Groups can't be edited.
  • Lists are created from the Connections area of your dashboard. Learn how to organize your email subscribers into a list.

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