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Lock down a compromised GoDaddy account

If your GoDaddy account's security is compromised, you should change all of your information in it to prevent others from regaining access.

Change your passwords and identifiers

To ensure no one else can contact us on your behalf, we urge you to change the information we use to validate your identity.

Change your payment methods

Remove delegate access

Remove unknown API Keys

  • Visit and select API Keys to see a list of API Keys associated with your account. To delete an unfamiliar API Key, select the trashcan icon, then Delete: Delete this key. Select Delete to confirm.

Verify your domain contact information

Change login information for other products

You should change all logins to prevent anyone from accessing your products:

Remotely log out of my GoDaddy account

Remotely sign out of your GoDaddy account if you think your account might be compromised. This will sign your account out of all devices and browsers.

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