What is the .mobi domain name?

The .mobi domain was created to designate websites that were built for mobile devices. With studies indicating more than half of all internet traffic is mobile, .mobi domains can help you create a stronger connection with this growing segment of online users. However, there are things to keep in mind when you’re using this freewheeling domain:

  • Size — Because displays on mobile devices are typically smaller than desktop counterparts, .mobi content needs to be designed for mobile.
  • Device — Today’s mobile devices use a wide range of input methods (like tapping and swiping) and sites using dot mobi need to adapt to them.
  • Speed — Download speed is an important consideration because large files are not only slow to download, but can also be expensive on mobile due to data charges.
  • Content — The attention span on mobile is even shorter than on desktop. You need to deliver the right content, right away.

Search engines pick up mobile searches and prioritize results accordingly. Because search engines know the .mobi domain name is made for mobile devices, .mobi sites naturally move up in rankings for mobile searches. If you’re committed to providing a solid user experience for mobile visitors, it could be a smart investment to register .mobi to create an online presence that keeps up with the fast-paced lifestyle of your visitors.

Why register a .mobi domain extension?

When you buy .mobi, it shows you know what your target audience needs — and you’re ready to deliver it. It’s no secret why successful companies like BMW®, Ferrari, Hilton Hotels, ESPN®, Maxim® and GoDaddy have expanded their reach with .mobi domain names:

  • Visibility — Make it easy for people to find you on the go. The .mobi domain is perfect for restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, mechanics, stores or any other business that wants to be easily accessible to local residents and travelers alike.
  • Convenience — Launch a mobile-friendly companion to your main website so customers can make reservations, get directions, buy tickets, arrange deliveries, access special offers and more — all from their handheld devices.
  • Branding — Since dot mobi is largely self-explanatory, people will likely look for you on this domain. Protect your brand from copycats and competitors. Don't let someone else register the .mobi version of your successful .com.

If you’re looking to grow your online presence, why not take a hint from these multibillion-dollar companies? After all, if they see value in using the .mobi domain extension, it’s definitely something you should consider for your own online success.

Dot mobi is on the move. Better grab it quick.

Not only do .mobi domains let you grab your own piece of the mobile market, they’re also an opportunity to create a fresh and memorable brand. But like any domain name, they’re getting snapped up quickly as more people make their ideas real online. What’s your idea? When something exciting comes to mind, register .mobi to let it take shape.
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