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Promote your cause in Australia.

.org is one of the most trusted domains on the internet, and is known as the web address for nonprofits. Combined with .au for Australia, you have the powerful domain that conveys credibility and builds trust for Australian charities. Your charitable organization may wish to register a domain for a fundraiser coming up. People who want to contribute to the work for clean and safe water, job readiness, nature protection, programs for children, and other important nonprofit efforts will look for the domain.

The domain for special interests and clubs.

The domain is available for a host of other nonprofit associations in Australia. Political parties registered with the Australian Electoral Commission are welcome to register a domain. This domain is also good for trade unions registered under the Fair Work Act. And is the domain of choice for sporting clubs in Australia from baseball and football to golf, cricket, cycling and sailing.

The domain name can only be registered by Australian non-commercial organizations.