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What is a .site domain?

As an unrestricted domain, .site is wide open to interpretation. Artists, manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers can all use .site to create memorable web addresses. It’s a new opportunity to create a unique brand. Because .site domain names haven’t been around as long as some others, you’ve got a better chance to register something short and catchy.

.site marks the spot.

The term site is easy to understand: It’s a place where something is, has been or will be located. Basically, it’s where you look for something. Now, imagine combining that awesome thing you make or do with a .site domain name. Boom. You just established yourself as the place to go to find whatever it is you produce. When it comes to potential for a powerful brand, it’s hard to top .site domains.

If your business has a physical, brick-and-mortar location, the .site domain name opens up a new landscape of possibilities. If the success of your local shop is taking off, register .site and use it to create an eCommerce store. Or if you’re someone with an in-person following — like a visual artist or musician — you could buy .site to use as the address for your discussion forum or fan site. It creates new opportunities online while letting you continue your great work offline.

.site is your blank canvas.

A big reason domains like .com and .net are so popular is their versatility. Anyone in any industry can use these domains to get online — and .site domains carry on this universal tradition. It’s not specific to any location or industry, so you can use a .site domain for any idea you dream up. If an idea had been building in the back of your mind, it’s time to register .site to create a home for it online.

There are domains exclusively for government, military, educational institutions — heck, even tiny Ascension Island, population 806, gets its own domain (.ac if you’re curious). But with .site, the opposite is true. There are no requirements or expectations for a specific type of individual or organization using it. Anyone with a cool idea can create a .site to show it off.

In fact, .site can be used in all kinds of creative or unconventional ways. Sticklers for spelling might shake their heads, but site sounds a lot like the term we use to mean vision. And that’s also the ending for a lot of words in the English language. If you think this is too hard to believe, hindsight might offer a different perspective.

Register .site while you still can.

Like its forerunners .com and .net, you can be sure the .site domain name will catch on fast. If you’ve got a great idea, make sure you register .site before somebody gets there first. This is a brand-new opportunity to create a brand that’s short and sweet, so don’t wait to register your .site.
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