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What does this transaction status mean?

View any transaction status in your Dashboard or GoDaddy smart terminals. Transactions have different statuses to let you know which have been authorized, refunded, declined or successfully completed. Here’s what they all mean:

  • authorized icon Authorized: Confirms that the customer has sufficient funds to pay for goods or services, and places those funds on hold with the customer's bank.
  • partially captured Partially captured: Some transactions require multiple transfers of funds, known as captures. For example, when a customer orders multiple products and some of them are on backorder. Only part of the transaction was captured, and remaining funds will be captured over time.
  • capturedCompleted (Smart Terminals) or Captured (Dashboard):  Payment has been transferred from the customer to the merchant.
  • Partially refunded iconPartially refunded: A portion of a transaction was returned to the customer.
  • refunded icon Refunded: The entirety of the transaction was returned to the customer due to the return of goods or services, once it has been completed or captured.
  • Card declined icon Card Declined: The credit or debit card was declined for a transaction, usually due to insufficient funds or an expired credit card. Find out why a credit card might be declined..

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