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These videos will help you build and manage your Websites + Marketing website builder or online store. Don't see a video about what you need? Check out our Dive in: Browse essential Websites + Marketing articles.

How-To Courses and Videos

Check out the How-To link at the top of this page. We are adding new courses all the time, and each course has multiple lessons.

Below are some video highlights to get you started:

Initial setup and My Site screen

This video goes over the basic information you enter to pre-populate your website template, and the menus and options on the My Site panel in Website Builder.

Working with page sections

In this video, you'll see how to:

  • View and access the sections on a page.
  • Reorder the sections on a page.
  • Access section content for editing.
  • Delete a section.

Editing content in a section or section group

Want some tips on customizing the appearance and content in a section or section group? We've got you covered in this video.

Customizing your footer section

Maybe you want to add a copyright or link your social media accounts at the bottom of your page. Just customize your footer as shown in this video.

Publishing your website

Publish your site whenever you want or whenever you make changes. If you decide you want to unpublished your site, we've got a few options you can do instead.

More info

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