A new home online for Japan’s ancient capital.

Glorious gardens. Dancing geisha. Sacred temples. Nestled among the mountains of western Honshu, Kyoto is the beating heart of old Japan—and one of its most captivating tourist destinations. Now, with the release of .kyoto, the country’s ancient capital has its own home on the web.

.kyoto domains are open for registration by any resident, business or organization with a physical address in the city. And like the cherry blossoms that burst forth in Kyoto every spring, this picture-perfect domain will draw in locals and tourists alike.

Do you .kyoto?

Dot kyoto is the go-to domain choice for businesses serving customers in Kyoto Prefecture. Whether you own a teahouse in Arashiyama, manage a textile business in Nishijin or do freelance graphic design from your home office, this city-specific web address is a surefire way to build your customer base. .kyoto tells your audience you’re a member of the community and you’re open for business.

This locally focused domain is likewise relevant for public or private institutions based in the city. Schools, museums, clubs, charities—all can use dot kyoto to help climb to the top of search results and push forward promotional efforts.

Bring more tourists in the door.

With a 1,200-year-old history and culture and 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within 30 minutes of each other, Kyoto gives visitors the opportunity to travel back in time. If your business caters to the region’s massive tourism market, a .kyoto domain can help build website traffic and expand your online reach.

Travelers frequently enter their destination into web searches, so putting your business location right in your web address makes good sense. For a hugely popular tourist destination like Kyoto, it’s a great way to connect with customers. Whether you offer temple tours, finely crafted kimonos or kaiseki cuisine, .kyoto can help you lure in more patrons, from near and far.

Already have a domain that works for you? Register the dot kyoto version in order to protect your brand from domain squatters and copycats that eat into your business.

Connect with .kyoto. Get registered today.

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