This web address says "Buy Now."

It's official: Web shopping has reached nearly every corner of the globe. So we're particularly pleased to introduce .store, the new domain name with "Buy Now" written all over it. .store works just like .com – but with dot store in your web address, everyone will know you have things to sell. Already selling goods or services online under another domain name? Register .store as a second web address that takes customers directly to the shopping section of your website. The more "doors" you open into your website, the more people will be likely to find you.

Small businesses selling offline can use .store to expand their reach and serve more customers on the web. A .store website will attract customers around the world, telling them at-a-glance that you're ready to take their order. It's the natural choice for any brick-and-mortar business just testing the waters online. Promote your new website address in your marketing emails, display ads and email signature.

Brand your Etsy®, Facebook® or Amazon® store.

But you don't need a website to use a .store domain name. Anyone who sells through an eCommerce marketplace can use .store to take customers right to their storefront. Having a memorable address makes it easier for visitors to find your page. It also brands your company name in their minds. The next time they want your services, they'll be more likely to remember where to find you.

.store also works for the storage business.

If you offer digital storage, you already know the industry is growing at breakneck speed. .store is a great choice for cloud providers, not to mention:

  • Retailers who sell hard drives, memory cards, white-box storage, etc.
  • Hosting firms that rent and manage server space
  • Warehouse providers

Whether you sell handknit scarves, organic food, furniture or cloud storage, .store is your place online.

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