What is a .tech domain?

The .tech domain helps create a cutting-edge brand that’s recognized as forward thinking. If tech is what you do, this domain name is an essential. That said, you don’t have to be a tech professional to use a .tech domain. Even if you’re only just getting started in the tech side of things, .tech can help you establish and grow your credibility. It’s an optimal domain for individuals and organizations including:

  • IT Professionals
  • Web developers
  • Software engineers
  • Project managers
  • UX Designers

Many businesses have a love-hate relationship with technology. They need it to survive but don’t have the skills to fix it when it goes down. A .tech domain tells everyone you’re the one to call with technical issues. Web developers, information security analysts, systems administrators, research firms and tech bloggers can also register .tech for custom web addresses that spotlight their strengths.

Take your place on the leading edge.

A website built on a .tech domain isn’t a place where you’ll find reviews on fax machines or tube TVs. .tech is designed to be all about the latest advancements in the market. This a domain name that lets people know in an instant they’re looking at something new.

Whether it’s a smartphone app, home appliance or something that the world has never seen before, show the world you developed the latest must-have idea that people will soon be clamoring for — and there’s only one place where they can find it. Register .tech and start building anticipation for what you’ve got.

Let’s talk about technology.

If you read blogs, you know there’s no shortage of discussions that center on technology. And if you’re getting ready to launch a tech-focused blog, it’s a smart move to register .tech and build anticipation for the information you provide. From consumer electronics to aviation to appliances, people can’t get enough technology — and you can be a prime source of the latest information.

Let people check out your .tech

Does your organization do lots of things that include amazing technology? You can buy .tech to create a space dedicated to the technological side of your operation. For example, humanitarian efforts could let people see how they assist developing communities with communications or agricultural technology. Or if your online store sells clothing or accessories that you’ve perfected for a specific application, the .tech domain could let people explore why it’s the best choice.

Move at the speed of technology.

It’s no secret that people in the tech sphere are very smart. These are people who make it a point to stay ahead of the curve — and you can bet they know about .tech domains. That means you’re likely competing with some deep thinkers as you dream up a way to harness .tech domains. When your big idea arrives (and it will soon), make sure you register .tech to claim your place in the tech community.
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