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About AdultBlock and AdultBlock+

GoDaddy Registry is the sponsor and backend provider for the AdultBlock product.

AdultBlock is designed to block registrations across the four adult-themed TLDs, .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX, and .XXX. AdultBlock will block all corresponding available domains irrespective of the price point and will automatically block any additional dropped names while the block service is in place.

Any corresponding domains that are currently registered cannot be blocked until the name is deleted or expires. Once the redemption period has ended and the domain name becomes available, the domain name will be automatically added to the block for the remainder of the service period.

Who can register AdultBlock or AdultBlock+?

Currently AdultBlock is only available to existing .XXX block holders. As a current block holder, you have the opportunity to convert your block into an AdultBlock or AdultBlock+. Converting your existing block does not require any re-validation, however you must renew your existing SunriseB Block before expiry date.

Important Notice: When renewing your .XXX block to your new AdultBlock product, you will see that, once purchased, your blocks will display the status “Block Pending Setup”. Your existing .XXX block will remain active and valid until your AdultBlock or AdultBlock+ product is fully setup. Once setup is complete we’ll send you a confirmation to let you know.

Benefits of the AdultBlock Products


AdultBlock restricts the registration of exact match trademark names by unauthorized third parties in the .XXX TLD – plus three other adult-related TLDs: .PORN, .ADULT, and .SEX. Sunrise B blocks that are converted to AdultBlock before December 1st 2021 will continue uninterrupted domain protection of their marks – plus get the benefit of the expanded TLD coverage.

  • Blocks the label across all 4 Adult themed TLDs
  • Blocks domains when they become available
  • Premium domain name blocking
  • Includes your single selected label
  • Available for 1, 3, 5, & 10 years


AdultBlock+: Provides the maximum level of defensive protection in the adult space. This enhanced blocking product restricts registration of exact match trademark names across all four adult TLDs (.XXX, .porn, .adult and .sex) and extends the blocks across an unlimited number of possible look-alike variations (homoglyphs) and common typographical errors. The addition of this enhanced protection prevents third parties from registering any confusingly similar versions of your marks.

  • All benefits of AdultBlock above
  • Unlimited labels covered - provides an unlimited coverage of the above variants, future proofed if further IDN scripts are enabled
  • Variant labels blocking - all variants covered by your SMD trademark
  • Unicode variant blocking homoglyphs & IDNs - blocking of potential script and lookalike (homoglyphs) strings

Can I convert my current AdultBlock Product to a standard domain registration?

For policy reasons, a conversion is not possible. You will need to either convert to an AdultBlock or attempt to register the domain when it becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once in place, the AdultBlock service does not allow for domain names to be unblocked. A deletion must be made before re-registering as a standard registration.

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