Give your site a little .sex appeal.

Let’s face it — erotic websites are some of the biggest players on the web. The majority of people online are adults, and statistics show that a good proportion at least occasionally use the web for adults-only content (whether they want to admit it or not). Now, with the release of .sex, there’s a perfectly spicy domain extension to attract seekers of adult content to your site. Red hot and ready for pre-registration, dot sex is a must-have domain name for adult websites.

The release of dot sex means there’s an address extension that matches one of the most popular words typed into search engines every day. According to some estimates, about one in four web searches is for adult content. And since sex transcends demographics, erotic web content appeals to all types of adults. Whatever sort of adult audience your website targets, a .sex domain is an excellent way to reach them.

.sex sells.

This small domain name is set to deliver big traffic — and big business. Adults-only websites are some of the biggest revenue generators online and this steamy new domain extension makes it ok to mix business with pleasure. For websites in the business of adult content, a .sex domain can be combined with affiliated extensions like .adult, .xxx and .porn to create a unified online presence for your brand.

At the same time, dot sex creates an adults-only space online that avoids the more specific connotations of .porn and .xxx. And for parents, this new top level domain makes it easier to separate sites and implement viewer restrictions on young users.

.sex says it all. But a .sex domain doesn’t have to mean hot and heavy — it can also mean health and safety. Dot sex goes beyond adult entertainment to find relevance with less erotic, but still sex-oriented topics online. For non-profits promoting safe sex awareness, websites about sexual education, or manufacturers of contraceptives like birth control pills, a .sex domain is an effective way to reach audiences on the web.

Whether your website plays host to adult entertainment or information about sexual health, dot sex provides an identifying marker to help web users easily find what they’re looking for — and avoid what they’re not.

Turn your website into a .sex symbol. Get registered today.

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