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From kick the can to high school soccer to seniors’ bingo, we start playing games as kids and never really stop. Games of chance are even more tempting – whether it’s dice or roulette or just pitching pennies, we can’t say no. And although playing is fun, winning is twice as fun.

.win domains are for anyone who cares about the outcome. Sports bloggers who love rehashing the game, pro athletes with how-to advice to sell, amateurs planning the next neighborhood poker tourney – all can register .win for their websites.

.win is also perfect for businesses launching promotional giveaways, as well as all the schools, churches and community groups that hold raffles. Use .win to create the perfect online address anywhere keyboard warriors battle for bragging rights or games of chance reward one above all the others.

Made just for the eSports revolution.

Ever since video games broke free of the console, eSports has grown in popularity, now attracting tens of millions of players and viewers worldwide. In fact, online gaming is on the brink of generating more revenue than the film industry – it’s already surpassed the music industry by billions of dollars. Recent eSports tournaments have commanded as many as 8.5 million online viewers for a single event. And it’s not limited to the web – eSports have even started getting airtime on popular cables channels, including ESPN2.

With eSports continuing to surge in popularity, the best players have the potential to become as famous as some of the most recognizable names in sports or entertainment. As a domain that’s dedicated to the players who dominate their game of choice, .win may well be the foundation for an entire online subculture; a shortcut to finding the best of the best in online gaming.

But you don’t have to be a world-famous cyberathlete to own a .win domain. Tournament sponsors, game developers and anyone who provides tips, storefronts or forums can use .win to feed the growing hunger for eSports. If you’re able to help players level up, a .win domain will bring them running to your website or blog.
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