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Why sell my domain?

If you own a domain that you no longer need, you can put it up for sale. There are people and businesses who invest in buying and selling domains, which is sometimes referred to as domain flipping. Similar to a house or a stock, they attempt to buy low and sell high. So, whether you’re an investor with thousands of domains, or simply registered a domain you no longer want to keep, you have options.

Before you list your domain for sale, do some research and determine a good target price range. The GoDaddy Domain Appraisal tool is a quick way to get an estimate for what your domain might be worth on the domain aftermarket.

Check out this video of Nealey and Joe talking about how to price and sell domains.

After you’ve done your research and determined the target price, you’re ready to list your domain(s).

Domains can be sold with GoDaddy's List for Sale service. They are listed with a Buy Now price, and once they’re sold, they instantly leave your account and move automatically to the buyer. They show up for sale on GoDaddy when customers come to search for an available domain name to buy.

Watch this video with Emma and Joe as they talk about more options to list your domain name for sale.

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